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Ohio Armory is a new kind of firearms dealer. You won’t have to pick a number, stand in line, and when your number is called, rushed, hurried, or strong armed into buying a firearm that was on sale at the distributor for larger profit margins. So if you are sick and tied of dealing with big gun dealers who only think of you as a number, give us a try, and let us earn your business.

We will help you find the perfect firearm for its intended use; and keep you well within your budget. We offer a different buying experience with no pressure sales, and that “at home with firends” feel. We cater to buyers who want to touch, feel and sometime shoot their potential new firearm before the purchase. Get some friends together, and lets have a party; we can even bring our mobile showroom to you.

Which end would you rather be behind?



Transfee’s can download a copy of our FFL here.